5 Obvious Signs You Need to Hire an SEO Expert

5 Obvious Signs You Need to Hire an SEO Expert

Making it online is similar to finding a needle in the haystack. This gets worse if you have no special knowledge and skills to properly navigate online. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial factor that all website owners need to master or else jeopardize their online success. One can also hire the best SEO company in UAE to assist you. Today we will learn how to identify and act upon the obvious signs of a poor SEO strategy. The following are red signs that should convince you to get professional assistance for optimizing your website.

Your Valuable Keywords Do Not Rank in SERPs

SERPs are initials standing for search engine results pages. Before running to get help, find out if your website is able to rank for its most valuable phrases and keywords. Every business website has its unique phrases and keywords that are engaged in order to display on search engine results page. Consider hiring the best SEO company in UAE if your best keywords are still not effective to help you rank top on the search engine results page.

Poor Traffic on Your Site

Traffic is among the basic reasons why businesses try their luck online. Should your website be incapable of attracting any traffic, you should really consider outsourcing help. Your traffic indicates the number of visits that you get on your website. Tools like Google Analytics are very effective in helping you find and analyze the amount of traffic you get. Low traffic would mean failing online and that requires the intervention of an SEO guru.

Unsatisfactory Traffic Conversion

Traffic is only good for you if you are able to convert it. Basically, you have to be able to convince the visitors on your web pages to become your customers. That is the only way you can generate profit, from making online customers and selling them your services or products. Among the most common causes for low conversion rate is poor keyword targeting technique. To be safe, find an SEO marketing expert who can help you not just do your keyword research but also target and optimize your website.

Lack of Mobile Responses on Your Site

With over a billion mobile phone users, it is only right that your website is tuned to be mobile responsive. In fact, more than 60% of all online searches are tracked to mobile phones today. Use mobile-friendly test tools on your website and should the results be unpleasant to consider seeking the services of a professional SEO expert.

Unsecured Site

You must have noticed by now that most websites bear the HTTPS mark in their website links. This indicates that they are secure and their data can be trusted. Is your website secure? Confirm if your website’s link does not start with HTTPS, if so then find a digital marketing agency before more damage is done. The SSL certificates on websites help increase search engine user’s trust as they navigate your website.

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